Outhouse Races


Come one, come all and sign up for the third annual Outhouse Races to be held on Sunday, January 22, 2017 at Chapman State Park. This is a relatively new event at Winterfest that has been drawing more and more interest from fans and participants alike.

Race Overview

The Race is essentially a 40 Yard dash from the start line to the finish line for each team with one person sitting on the throne in the outhouse and two team members pushing the outhouse and two members pulling on the ropes attached to the outhouse racing sled.  The race course is nearly level but does have a slight downgrade from one end to the other.  To be fair, each team will race in two heats in opposite directions with their times from each heat combined for a single race time.  The fastest combined times will determine the placing of each team.  Trophies and/or prizes will be awarded to the top 4 teams

All outhouses may be built of any material that produces a structurally sound building mounted on cross-country skis. Any outhouse deemed unsafe or unsound by the race committee will not be allowed to compete.  Safety to participants and spectators is paramount. For the official Outhouse Race rules and racing sled specifications, click here.

All teams will be competing against each other and will be timed. The grand champion and other winners will be decided by time trials. Sign up and challenge other teams you want to race.

To Register:  Please sign up by January 22nd, 2017. Either use our download form or call (814) 726-1441 to ask for a registration form to be mailed to your team.

Everyone must sign a liability waiver form to participate in the Outhouse Race. These will be available at the registration table located in the Big Tent. Pre-registration appreciated. No waiver, no race!

2017 Outhouse Race Rules - 373 KB PDF

2017 Outhouse Race Entry Form - 70 KB PDF